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What individual automations and rules increase your productivity?

  • 23 June 2023
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Tag conversations while on leave


What are your automations for individual productivity? Since Front has a rule engine for your individual workspace, the sky is the limit in creating workflows to handle your work for you.

Here’s one that’s good for organizing your work when you need to go on an extended leave such as a parental leave, sabbatical, or a disability leave. You can create an individual rule (which works only on your individual workspace) to add a tag to all the messages you receive while you’re out:


Now, when you come back, you’ll be able to quickly see which conversations were during your leave, versus the current ones after you came back. Of course, you can always check the date stamp on the emails as you catch up on your inbox, but I personally found it much easier to stay organized by having a visual indicator on the conversations. You could even further categorize with specific tags if you have certain priority senders or topics that you want to organize; that way, you can read through those emails first after you come back.

Reminder: You have to turn off your rule after you return, or else it’ll keep tagging

6 replies

My go-to automation helps with expense reporting. I travel for work fairly consistently and when I do I often get receipts sent to my inbox. To make expensing easier and faster for myself, I create a forwarding rule based on a comment. All I have to do is type ‘expensify’ in the comment of the conversation and Front will automatically send that receipt to Expensify for me. I use this same method for other types of expensing software solutions!


As a member of the Support team, it’s important to keep track of active and resolved bugs. I set up Jira subscription emails in Jira, then in Front I have a rule to tag the emails and remove the default Inbox tag. 

I have my Jira Updates tag added to my sidebar so I can quickly view all these emails. Since the rule removes the default Inbox tag, these emails aren’t visible in my main inbox and reduces clutter!


I often get analytics reports from different systems that are not urgent, but important data points. One way that I have been able to give myself some inbox “zen” is categorizing non-urgent but important information to a specific tag. The rule below moves the conversation out of my inbox and goes directly to a tag. This way I’m able to tackle the highest priority items in my inbox and get to reports when my day frees up! 


As a member of the Onboarding Team, I manage a specific book of customers who are actively going through a Front implementation project. It’s always important to me to make sure that even if I’m out of the office or unavailable, I have the appropriate coverage from my colleagues to make sure my customers are taken care of. To do this, I have a personal auto-notify rule set up on my inbox to make sure that the applicable team member gets looped in on certain customer conversations so they can help monitor and respond. Because we have our Salesforce account data synced into Front, I can use custom account fields in my rule (example: Account Manager) to automate who gets notified based on which customer is emailing in. The rule below is a must-have for me any time I take time off! 🙂





As a member of the Inbound Sales Development Representative team, I'm constantly presented with a high volume of leads. When the pace picks up, managing this influx of leads efficiently can be quite the challenge. That's why I devised a straightforward yet effective solution – a custom rule designed to help lead management and keep my workflow in tip-top shape.

This rule is designed to automatically tag all incoming leads and neatly categorize them into a dedicated folder aptly named “Leads.” This seemingly small tweak has made a world of difference in my daily operations.

Picture this: As leads pour in, Front's automation takes charge, ensuring that each lead is appropriately tagged and filed away for easy access. This organized approach not only keeps my inbox clutter-free but also allows me to instantly pinpoint and prioritize lead-related communications. It's a game-changer when time is of the essence and precision is paramount.

What's particularly brilliant about this rule is its simplicity. It's a set-it-and-forget-it solution that empowers me to focus my energy on what truly matters – engaging with potential clients and nurturing those relationships. It's a tool that comes to the rescue during those hectic moments when leads flow in fast and furious.

In summary, this rule has become my trusty companion on the front lines of lead management. It's a testament to how a small tweak in our workflow can yield significant efficiency gains and help us stay on top of our game, even in the busiest of times. 🚀





My most used rules and automations revolve around the tags used in technical inquiry escalations.