"This conversation is assigned to...are you sure you want to archive" don't show again

  • 17 March 2024
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Hi! Excited to be part of the Front community, as there’s a lot of things I love about the application.

During the weekdays, we have one box the whole team uses and responds to, but a lot of the members don’t sign out, so conversations still get assigned to them.

On the weekend, it’s just me and one other person taking turns managing the box, and it’s SOP to clear out 100+ emails at a time as they are “inquiries”- in other words, people asking to do a job for us, where hundreds of emails will come in, but then only one of them actually gets it, and it’s unnecessary to even respond to the others (they know that).

I need to stay in open view so I see all conversations, even ones that are assigned, but when I try and close out a ton at a time, I keep getting this popup saying that the conversation is assigned to someone else, am I sure I want to close it out.

I’m 100% sure that I need to close all these out every day, is there some kind of “don’t remind me”, “don’t bug me”, “don’t ask again” feature I’m missing somewhere? It really ruins the click-flow of closing out a bunch at once to have to “confirm” every single one, especially when the popup is in a different part of the screen.

Thanks, Zach

2 replies

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Hi Zach! Thank you for posting about this 😊


For shared conversations, we consider the Assignee as the “owner” of the conversation. As such, if another teammate archives an assigned conversation, we include this warning so that they’re aware that the archiving will also affect the assignee. Unfortunately, as you’ve seen, there isn’t a “Don’t remind me again” option for this warning message. 

You could certainly submit this idea to our Public Ideas Portal 💡 


Regarding the workflow you’ve described, one idea would be to first Assign the conversations to yourself as a Mass Action and then Archive them. 

This is still an extra click, of course, but the two actions can both be done en masse and you wouldn’t need to confirm on each one. 


Hope this helps! 


Thanks Luke, that does help.

However, the issue seems to persist throughout the day as emails are still assigned to users who do not work this shift. I’m not really in a position to be able to direct these other employees to log out correctly or make themselves unavailable correctly.

Even instead of a “don’t ask again”, an alternative could be to have that as a default setting, but have the availability to deactivate it in reminders, similarly to how it’s possible to deactivate the “warning about mass reply”