Running Rules to Unsubscribe Users & Manual Unsubscribe Issue on WhatsApp

  • 25 October 2023
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I have two questions regarding subscription management in Front:

  1. Is there an option to run a rule that will automatically unsubscribe all users from a specific thread? I have set up an emergency notification rule which notifies a large group of people to a thread in case of possible emergencies. However, once the emergency is dealt with, I would like a one-click or automated solution to unsubscribe everyone from that thread aside from the assigned person who would trigger it. While I'm aware manually unsubscribing everyone individually is an option (in most cases, see part two), I'm looking for a more efficient method.

  2. I've noticed that in WhatsApp threads on Front, the assigned person seems unable to manually unsubscribe subscribers which leads to people sticking around on threads until they unsubscribe themselves Is there a known workaround for this issue?


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Hi again futureproof 😁


Thanks for these questions! I completely see where you’re coming from here. 


So the main base of information here is that for Shared conversations, a teammate cannot Unsubscribe other teammates or remove them as Participants. While you can add teammates to a conversation as Participants, removing them can only be done when you are the “Inbox owner”, on an individual inbox for example. 

Beyond that, Unsubscribing is an individual action taken by the teammate in question, I’m afraid.


Other users have previously requested a similar feature, and we have two Ideas in our Public portal on this: 


Please feel free to add your vote to those existing ideas, or submit a new one if you don’t feel they quite cover what you’re looking for 🙏



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You’re on a roll Luke! Thanks for all these answers, I’ll go do some voting!