Process for requesting information from another team

  • 8 November 2023
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Hi there,


I’m wanting to setup a workflow where our @sales team requests our @production team for a piece of information (e.g. lead time to get an order out) but I want the conversation to stay in the @sales inbox.

Is there a good way to do this? Using tags and views for the @production team members?




4 replies

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Hi Tom, 

I don’t have a solution for you, but it seems this is a feature that many people are interested in (myself included). Have a look at this feature request over at

Hi Tom,

Hope you are doing well!

The idea that Oyvind shared sounds like it would be good fit for your workflow as it can help alter a group of teammates to the conversation. Unfortunately it isn’t live just yet, but I wanted to share a workaround using a Company Rule that may help in the meantime.

If we navigate to Settings > Company tab > Custom Rules, a rule can be created to help provide a path for the mentioning of a group when certain words/phrases are used.

Here is an example mockup that may help:




With this flow, anytime a teammate leaves a comment, or @mentions a particular teammate, but also does @production, it will help loop in the production team.

Members of the production team would be selected under the Notify teammates dropdown.

With the level of company rules, it can help to apply for the entire account, but the If conditions can be used to help narrow the scope to a more specific range.

When the rule actions the Notify teammate condition performs the same action as a direct @mention to a particular teammate. With the dropdown allowing for multiple teammates to be selected it can help loop in the set of teammates as a group (add the conversation to their shared with me section).

I do want to note that the @production text in comments/mentions that are made will be left as regular text since we are using the rule to look for text content, so it will not turn blue or highlight it currently, but this type of rule can help perform an @mention style flow to a group or collection of teammates.

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This is a significant limitation of Front. We need an efficient way to loop in another team without subscribing everyone in that team to the thread. Essentially, we want team B to be able to assign it to one member who will handle it. The only way I can think of to accomplish this is for team A to forward the email to team B, and disable conversation grouping so that team B can have a separate assignee.

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Hi, just thought I’d mention another possible future solution for this one; linked conversations. If this was expanded to also include linking Discussions, it could be used to loop in team members, teams or inboxes (even with the ability to assign the linked discussion):