Need help with a script for to save attachments

  • 13 April 2024
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Hello everyone!

I am looking for someone that can help me to add a script that will automate the download of attachments based upon tags assigned.  If this is something you could assist us with implementing, please reach out.  Thank you!



2 replies

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Hi there!

Cat here from the Front support team. One possible solution here would be to use webhooks to trigger API calls. The webhook could be called when a specific tag/s is added to a conversation, something like

  • tag ABC is added to a conversation


  • conversation is in inbox DEF


  • Trigger webhook [webhook_link]

Your API script would then be triggered by the webhook.

If that wouldn’t solve your workflow, could you please share a bit more detail about your use case?


Thank you for the info Cat.  Yes, it does look like we will need to create an API.  I am looking to engage someone to help us do that.


We already assign tags that identify the mail that we would need to process with the API.  We just want to save the attachment to a specific location, using the tags to name the file.  (It would be nice to save the email body - not  a requirement.)