Multiple Emails & Round Robin

  • 3 March 2024
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Is there a method to link multiple incoming emails through the subject line so they are assigned to the same person (when using “round robin”)?


Eg. in our workflow, we receive alerts/incoming emails for each step of a booking process. So that could be:
1. Partial lead
2. Quote completed
3. Booking made
4. Contract signed
5. Payment received

Etc etc. 

Using the round robin method, it would break up each of the 5 workflows and assign them to different agents. 


Whilst the subject is different, the one constant is the lead number within the subject line. How would we set a rule for this if the lead number is dynamic and we don’t know it ahead of time?

4 replies

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Hi @richard

I’m assuming these notification emails are all sent from the same static email address and there isn’t a unique email address that can be used to identify a contact, is that correct?

If so, there are a couple of approaches that come to mind, but most of them will require the use of a middleware solution like Zapier to fully work. Check them out below and let me know if you have any questions.

Option 1 - Using Dynamic Objects

Front’s dynamic objects feature will enable you to extract the ‘lead number’ from the subject line, perform a look up in any 3rd party system that is accessible via API (like an Airtable), and pass information back to Front that you can then use to inform your automation.

This option is predicated on you having a database where you can store the lead number and the team member’s information, plus a middleware solution that you can use to update your database whenever we perform the first assignment in Front. 

In a world where you have a database that stores all the lead numbers and associated team members, when we receive an email with the lead number in it, we can simply do a look up with the lead number, pull in the associated Front team member’s email address and then use Front’s rule to assign the conversation to them. This will make it so every time 

Option 2 - Syncing Leads as Front Accounts

Though these lead numbers aren’t exactly Front Accounts, we’ve seen customers repurpose the account objects to accomplish workflows similar to the one you’re referring to. In order for this to work, you’ll need to use a middleware solution, our API, or manually upload a list of your leads as Front accounts. Once these leads exist as accounts, we’ll be able to leverage Front’s rule engine to dynamically write to or reference custom fields on these accounts to accomplish the assignment logic you’re thinking about. Here’s a quick overview on how that would look:

  1. To assign a teammate to a lead number - You’ll want to use dynamic variables to find the account based on the lead number and when the assignee is changed update that account with assignee.


  1. Once that’s done, you’ll want to create a second rule where when an inbound comes in you, again, extract the lead #, look up the account, look at the account custom field (account owner or previous assignee), and then assign the conversation to them.


I know this was quite a bit to explain over text but hopefully that gives you a good starting point!


Thanks for the reply and providing those options.

Option 2 - I don’t think can work because the 2nd dynamic object can’t be created on our particular plan (growth)?

Option 1 - can you elaborate more. We already have the lead number producing a dynamic object. What does the set up look like in order to have it read and assigned as requested?

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Hi @richard,


Happy to elaborate! The end goal is to be able to create a rule like the one I have below so when a dynamic object is added to a conversation you can look up a value that’s passed through from your dynamic object and assign it to that teammate.


Is there any way for you to store a teammate’s email address in the database you’re currently fetching the dynamic object from? 



The dynamic object is currently created from the lead number in the subject when the initial email comes in from our software. 

In the instance below, all we want is for that second email to also be assigned to whoever was assigned the first email (the first one is assigned via round robin rule).

if that isn’t possible through something simple, then please advise on the technical steps required to make this happen ie. out to zapier, back?