Including Shopify into workflow with Front and Quickbooks

  • 26 March 2024
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I previously submitted a question about creating a workflow from Front to Quickbooks Online. I’d like to ask another workflow related question, this time including a third API from Shopify. At my workplace, we plan to replace email with Front...allowing customers to email, text, webchat, and submit orders through social media. It will open new communication channels and make our presence more Omnichannel. Our new workflow will have a “shopping cart” element by including Shopify and also including Quickbooks Online on the backend to track inventory and allow transactions to flow into our Quickbooks. Does anyone currently have a similar workflow? Does the Shopify API require any special rules? What can you offer in the way of tagging best practices with this potential workflow? Thanks in advance for your advice! 

1 reply

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Hi @kmcfeeley,


As mentioned in the other post,  dynamic objects are likely a good place to start. Dynamic objects are being incorporated into the rule system, so you’ll be able to tie them to Front workflow steps like tagging. 


We have an explainer of how to build a no-code Shopify dynamic object on our Developer Portal.


If you have development resources and need a more robust checkout experience with Shopify, you can also consider building a plugin as dynamic objects are currently limited to pulling information from a third-party API. However, the team is working on updates that may allow you to push information through dynamic objects out to external APIs as well, limiting the need for in-depth development. But for now, plugins are your best bet if you need to create a super customized UI workflow with external APIs.


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