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  • 19 October 2023
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Our CS org is about to transfer to Zoom phone, and it’s my understanding the Front <> Zoom integration focuses on video conferencing/scheduling vs. the phone app. Have any teams using both platforms come across recommendations on how to leverage the two systems together?

5 replies

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That is correct. Front’s native Zoom integration allows you to schedule Zoom meetings from Front Calendar, and automatically generate Zoom meetings with scheduling links. We have a feature request for a native Zoom Phone integration, which you can upvote here.

For now, there is the option to iFrame the Zoom Phone smart embed into Front's integration sidebar. Below is a video demonstrating this.


Also would love to see Zoom Phone integration like Zendesk offers. 


I can't view the video above. Can someone repost? 

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Sorry about that, Michael! Here’s the video I referenced above: 


Video is a nice discussion, but doesn’t show how to add the Zoom Phone smart embed into Front's integration sidebar. Unless I’m missing that?

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We went ahead and added instructions to our Help Center. Click here to read how to enable and use the Zoom Phone Smart Embed integration.