Dynamic Objects Implementation

  • 4 February 2024
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Hi there everyone!

A fellow coworker and I are brainstorming ideas for how we can use Dynamic Objects within our workflow. We have started using it in a few small cases and would really like to see how much farther we can go with it.

What are some ways in which you use dynamic objects in your workflow? We have a few applications that don’t have existing plugins in Front that I could see being extremely helpful via dynamic objects. I believe there is a way to build those out ourselves, or am I mistaken?

Thanks for any help!

2 replies

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Hey @brie.bissett,


You can definitely create these yourself! Here’s the main help article, and we also have resources on our Developer Portal showing how you can pull in data from an external system to populate the dynamic object: video here

I’d also be curious to learn how other members have been using dynamic objects. I know some people have used them to configure fraud detection, for example:


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Great question @brie.bissett -- 

Customers are using dynamic objects for all sorts of different reasons. The best way to brainstorm ideas is to think about what types of “objects” your communications center around. This can range from e-commerce orders, hotel bookings, package shipments, renewal contracts, job applications, and much much more! Furthermore, think about the different third party tools your team relies on, then look for useful objects that those systems track.

I’ll list a few real world examples I’ve seen which can serve as food for thought:

  • Managing orders through Shopify
  • Viewing reservation info from Airbnb
  • Tracking shipments through UPS and FedEx
  • Pulling additional CRM data from Hubspot
  • Identifying fraudulent freight carriers through Highway
  • Processing employee device information for IT equipment requests


If you rely on a third party tool, chances are there’s one or more dynamic objects that can be built for it. The list grows every day 😄