Custom fields use for multiple inputs

  • 27 May 2024
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We're planning to use order number as a dynamic object. A few of the things we would like to see in that dynamic object are the product name, price, quantity. However, sometimes somebody orders 1 product and other times 2, 3, 4 or 7 products (with each having it's own name, price, qty etc.) Does that mean we’d have to make X amount of product name, product price, product quantity fields just in case someone orders more or is there a better to accomodate this?

Another possible solution I was thinking about, which doesn't sound ideal either, is to make 1 field for each option and if there are more product names, prices, qty in the order to place them in the same field in Front. This will get very cramped but that should at least make it so that we can see everything, correct?

Wondering if anyone has faced this issue before and if they were able to fix it. Hope to hear from you ;)

1 reply

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Hello! A member of our Support Team will be reaching out to you directly to discuss workflow options 👍