Automating individual responses

  • 14 February 2024
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We’re working on beefing up a few of our review websites and are struggling a little bit with the cadence of sourcing these. 


Right now, we have emails come in from our NPS letting us know when we have a 10/10 come in. It then gets assigned to the the relationship manager and they are supposed to reach out via a template. 


I’m curious if there is a way to remove the manual email outreach for each relationship manager and automate that template sending and still including the individualized signatures (so it looks like a personal email from the “account rep” in the eyes of the customer)

4 replies

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Hi @marissahazen,

While the rules engine can reply with a message template, it does not currently support sending brand new conversations with signature or channel customization.


This is something you would be able to accomplish with a middle-ware solution like Zapier. Is that something your business is already using?

Zapier? We use it!

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Nice @marissahazen ,


In that case, you could consider building a Front + Zapier workflow where:

  1. Create a webhook rule so: When an inbound NPS message is received, then send a webhook request to Zapier.
  2. In Zapier, once you receive the request, parse out the recipient, look up the RM (is this information in a CRM that is accessible by Zapier), use a Front zap action to compose a brand new message from that RM’s email address with a preset subject line, body, etc. 
  3. Since the subject line will be pre-defined, you can then consider building a company rule or personal rule to move that message from the RM’s personal inbox to a team inbox so everyone will continue having visibility.

Apologies if this went a bit too into the technical weeds. I wanted to provide some guidance on how you could accomplish this using a 3rd party system, but with that comes technical complexity. Let me know if you have additional questions. 

This is amazing, thank you!