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Hey Front community! 


I’m Helena, Product Education Manager on our Education team at Front. I previously worked on the Support team, so I might have responded to some of your emails if you ever corresponded with Support 🤓 I’m excited to meet you all now here on a different forum where we can talk to each other even more. Before coming to Front, I was a classroom teacher, so I love learning about anything and everything, especially how you use Front. 


Please introduce yourself in the comments below and share anything you’d like: your hobbies, what your work in Front looks like, your role, your favorite book, and more.


Welcome to our community! 👋

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My name is Javier and I work in Developer Relations at Front. It has been amazing to be a part of this community over the last few months when it was first open to developers, so I’m super excited to see it grow to our entire Front family! 

In my spare time, I love travel, Formula 1 racing, basketball, soccer, and cooking.

Welcome to the Front Community!

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Hey everyone,

My name is Matthew and you may have already met me via a Front training video or our weekly webinars! I’ve been at Front since we were a small company of just 30 employees - wow, seems so different now.

What I am so excited to see and learn more about here in Community is how you all have built your own plug-ins on top of Front. It always surprises me what companies are able to do with Front 😍.

When I’m not educating customers on how to use Front, I’m likely to be doing a workout class or cooking dinner for friends 🍛

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Hello Front community! 👋

I’m Sean and at Front, I obsess over the success of our SMB and growth customers 😍. Much of my career has been in software engineering and engineering leadership roles working behind the scenes to bring delightful products and experiences to life, so I might be particularly helpful finding answers to any complex technical challenges arising from your use of Front.

I regularly watch soccer and tennis games, I love traveling, and I love learning new languages - natural and programming ones alike 😆

Looking forward to connecting with all of you here!! 🤗

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Hello everyone!

I’m Cori, one of the Customer Support Managers here at Front 😍. I was Front’s first ever Support hire, and have loved working with our customers ever since! We’re so lucky 🍀 to have such an incredible group customers, so much so that what I’m most looking forward to is seeing how each of you can help others find solutions to their Front problems.

When I’m not working, I’m in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal for my family, or hosting a dinner party for my friends 🍔🌮.

I look forward to building this community with all of you!

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Hello there! 👋

I’m Justin, one of the Technical Support Engineers here at Front. I'm here to help users and developers like you make the most out of our amazing platform. I've been part of this incredible team for nearly two years now and it’s been quite the reward to see how our product has grown to support the needs of our users everywhere.

When I'm not working as a part of Front’s award-winning support team ✨, you'll often find me on the court 🎾, listening to music 🎵 or working on my own projects 💻 

So, if you ever need assistance feel free to reach out! I'm here to make your Front experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible 🙌 

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Hi there! 

I’m Naomi, one of your Customer Support Managers at Front!  I’m so excited we now have a space for all of our customers to share their ideas, tips, and tricks! 🙌🏾 

In my spare time I listen to music (pretty much all the time), travel, hang out with my family, and I love photography! 🎶🎧 🛫 💗 📸


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Hello everyone,

I’m Lemuel (you can call me “Lem”), a Customer Support Representative at Front. I was Front’s first intern and no longer a rookie here after joining the Support team at the start of my post-grad life 🎓. It’s been an amazing journey witnessing how our team and product has grown the past years, and I’m looking forward to our community to grow here as well 🚀

When I’m not working on hitting inbox zero, you’ll catch me playing/watching basketball (Go Warriors!), serving at my local church, or anticipating the next sneaker drop 👟.

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Hi all!

I’m Evan, and I joined Front as the first Tooling & Support Engineer six years ago.  When I started, I immediately recognized the power of Front for support teams and have never looked back!  👀

I value collaboration and enabling developers to extend Front to meet their team’s unique needs.  I enjoy hunting down tricky bugs 🐛 and advocating for our amazing users when they need new functionality.

I’m an avid gamer 🕹 🎮 and musician 🎸.  Outside, you’ll see me on my bike 🚲 or OneWheel.


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Hello everyone,

I’m Sadie, a Customer Support Representative at Front! I’ve been with Front for a little over a year, joining after leaving the education technology space 🎓. It’s been a fantastic experience working with the Support team and seeing the product grow, even since joining the team! 🌠

When I’m not working at Front, you can find me hanging out with my dog, Elwood 🐶, my cat, Lily 🐱or going for a bike ride! 🚲


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Hi folks! 

I’m Kenji, your trusty Head of Support at Front. It’s been an amazing journey of five years+ helping to set customers up for success. Let’s be honest, you (yes, you!) are kind of the best.❣️

My favorite part of my job is that we use Front to support you - so we’re basically in the same boat 🛶 & that is why I am so excited for this community! Can’t wait to share learnings with each other and unlock undiscovered ways to work happier.

When I’m not nerding out on all things support, you can find me nerding out on all things Japan. I love Anime, Japanese food and did I mention Japan? 🍜 🍡🗾

ようこそ! (Welcome!)

Hey there! 

I’m Luke, one of Front’s Customer Support reps in EMEA ✌ I’ve been with Front for two years and work remotely in sunny (sometimes) central France 🇫🇷


I’m a workflow nerd, and love figuring out fun ways for Front to make our users’ lives a little easier and more efficient. I also love a good puzzle 🧩 both at work and home!

When I’m not helping our customers at work, I’m either playing golf (or trying to at least), playing with my son or DM’ing a D&D game 🎲  

Welcome to the Community! How can I help? 😊 

Hello! My name is Molly. I’m a Technical Support Engineer at Front! I just celebrated my 1 year Frontversary, and during that time I have learned so much about how to support the platform. 


I have the best teammates in the world and we’re always happy to help. Feel free to ask away!