Feature Update

Upcoming user experience enhancements for Front Chat, WhatsApp, SMS and more

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Upcoming user experience enhancements for Front Chat, WhatsApp, SMS and more

We're excited to announce upcoming UI and UX improvements for chat-like channels to give them the look and feel of more real-time messaging. These updates will better differentiate between inbound messages from customers, outbound messages from agents, and internal-only comments so your team can respond quickly and accurately.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll slowly roll these updates out to customers using the following channels: Front Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Google Business Messages, and other third-party messaging channels. We estimate that all customers on these channels will see the changes by mid-May.

Have any questions or feedback about these changes? Please submit it here with the subject line "UI/UX for chat-like channels feedback."


Good day, 

I am unable to view the pictures that was sent by my client in this new UI.
Please assist. 
Below is the attachment:


I am also unable to view images. Please revert this until this is fixed.

Our engineering teams pushed a fix. If you refresh your app or browser, you should hopefully see that this issue no longer occurs.

There’s no option to “Send later”. Please let me know how I can get that back. 

@rpamplona Our teams are working on getting that option back. Thanks for your patience


(1) when I compose a message, I have to do this extra toggle to search for the name of the recipient. Before, when I click compose, I can immediately type a name and it will show the suggested contacts right away. It would save time if that is fixed, too.

(2) Same issue with composing a message. I need to click the uppermost right portion of the compose box to be able to type my message. Before, I could just click anywhere.


Fixes are now live. Thanks for reporting the issues! Let us know if there is anything else that was not caught.

Whenever I click on a SMS message in Front it pops up with a new compose window. This is so frustrating. I have to close the window to read the message. It doesn’t mean because I click on a message to read it that I want to reply. Please provide a fix for this urgently.

Hi @danpg, our team is investigating the SMS pop-up window issue.

If there are any other issues, please submit your concerns here with the subject line "UI/UX for chat-like channels feedback”.



All fixes are now live. Hopefully that reverts behavior to the expected norm while introducing the benefits of the new UI for chat-like channels.


If there are any other noted issues or concerns, please submit your concerns here with the subject line "UI/UX for chat-like channels feedback”.


Thanks for the feedback and we appreciate your patience with the unexpected issues!

Has the option to delete drafts been removed?


Not a fan of this update. I don’t like how:


  • we now have to hover over a message to see the date/time it was sent instead of easily being able to see it for any message on screen
  • It’s more difficult to switch between “2h ago” and “Date/Time” formats
  • internal comments from end users show up on the left side of the page when that’s the side the person we’re speaking to shows up on
  • Drafts are now seemingly attached to all conversation. (I’m sure there’s some use to this one, but I never liked the draft concept to begin with so maybe I’m just salty)


These are just a few minor things I noticed in the first day I was forced into this update that don’t make sense to me 

I prefer the old version rather than this new update because of the following:

  1. You have to use the mouse and click on the textbox to type your message unlike before that I use CMD+R and then I would be able to type my message.
  2. Can’t see the date and time unless I hover my mouse

What I like is the chat bubble being on the left and right so I can easily determine if it’s a response from a client.