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New integration: Aissist

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Aissist is an easy-to-use digital labor solution that analyzes user input and provides intelligent actions. Integrating it with Front can help automate drafting responses, adding tags, and commenting to seamlessly assist your team.


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I am with, we partner FrontApp to provide full automation solution that are powered by generative AI and tailored to each business.

We provide full-featured AI capabilities to boost your productivity and scalability.

  • Smart Tagging: help you better organize the engagements and identify the interesting ones quickly. It is very easy to use - you describe what you want, leave the rest to AI.
  • Smart Action: intelligently connect to any of your system to achieve full-loop automation.
  • Smart Handover: automatically detect the needs for human team to pay attention and notify the team accordingly.
  • Smart Summary: intelligently summarize the information and next steps to further reduce the burden on human teams.

We are fully integrated with FrontApp. Please check us at