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Integration update: UpBrains AI

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Integration update: UpBrains AI

UpBrains AI has released a new version of the UpBrains AI Copilot for Front. 


The new capabilities include:

  • Enhanced document OCR extraction for PDFs, images, and spreadsheets
  • The ability to define custom extractors with auto-learning capabilities for custom attachments
  • Improved conversation response generation that learns from your past replies and gets smarter the more your team uses it
  • A new no-code, AI-powered workflow automation capability that ties together document extraction, conversation analysis, response assistance capabilities, and connects your Front inbox to the outside world by integrating to shared drives, APIs, and external systems

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UpBrains No-code ChatGPT AI Integration Has Potential

The ability to seamlessly auto-extract information from in-bound messages has real potential.

For those that are interested, here’s the link to UpBrains Front integration information.