Feature Update

Enhanced UpBrains AI integration

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The UpBrains AI integration now allows you to generate responses to conversations using ChatGPT. This complements the existing capabilities of the integration, including the ability to recognize and read text from PDFs, images, and handwritten copy in more than 30 different languages.

The new release of  UpBrains AI Integration brings ChatPT to Front Inbox and introduces a number of enhancements to services and pricing model as follows:

  • UpBrains Chat: UpBrains Chat brings ChatGPT to your inbox to generate responses to messages, ask questions and reply to messages in one click!   
  • Improved UpBrains Xtract OCR:
    • Signature images: The updated API recognizes inline and signature images and does not process them and only processes message attachments.
    • New configuration to allow First page processing only: With a new configuration users can ask the API to process only the first page of any message attachment using a webhook url parameter: ‘&FP=true’.
    • Output Size limit: Using another parameter in the webhook URL, the users can limit the number of characters (e.g., 200) that are outputted for each OCRed attachment (can be used in conjunction with FP parameter).
    • Many other technical improvements and error management and communication improvements including routing the error messages to plugin, in case OCR results are configured to be shown in the Plugin.
  • UpBrains Plugin:
    • Improvements on setup process, communication of issues/errors, showing list of subscribed services.
    • Added Remove button to remove results from the services results page next to save content button.
  • New Starter Package pricing:
    • With feedback from early adopters, we have introduced a new Starter pricing tier that is lower-priced with lower-usage limits suitable for small businesses. Larger businesses with higher limits, can contact us for custom larger business deals or combined packages with access to multiple or all services.

Please contact us at support@upbrains.ai with any questions or need for assistance.