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Connect with your customers on WhatsApp without leaving Front

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Connect with your customers on WhatsApp without leaving Front

With Front’s integration, you can send and receive messages for your WhatsApp Business account within Front, right alongside your other messages from email, live chat, social media, or any of your other channels. It’s easy to connect with customers at any time by sending WhatsApp message templates from Front’s composer. 

Enjoy the improved efficiency of bringing a channel into Front. When you connect WhatsApp with Front, you’ll experience:  

  • Easy access to WhatsApp conversation history and customer context without leaving Front helps reduce context switching when using the WhatsApp integration and one of Front’s CRM integrations. 
  • Automated WhatsApp message actions including tagging, routing to a specific team’s inbox, or assigning it to the account manager. 
  • Insight into your WhatsApp communication with analytics to help you track and measure response time, customer satisfaction scores, SLA breaches, and trends or topics of inbound messages.
  • Simplified vendor and channel management by handling WhatsApp usage and billing directly within Front.

See how to set up the WhatsApp channel in Front.

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