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AI capabilities now available in Front

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AI capabilities now available in Front

With new AI capabilities, you can summarize and compose messages faster.

Now you can instantly draft messages using context from an ongoing conversation or just a few bullet points. With AI draft assistance, you can focus your efforts on polishing and refining your customer communication, rather than starting from scratch.

We’ve also added the ability to summarize a Front conversation with a click, providing an AI-generated summary that includes a customer happiness score and even a recommendation for the best next step. This makes it easy to loop in other teammates and share the summary, enabling your team to work seamlessly behind the scenes to support your customers.

Do I have to turn this on somewhere? I don’t see it… using the web version. 

Hey @bryan_mitchiner!


Check out our AI Compose and Summarize topic for information on how to enable. Hopefully that will help you out. If you still have questions after reading the article, I suggest posting it in our Product Q&A so that our Support team can assist you.