Time Off Auto Responder

  • 10 November 2023
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Is there a way to have the Time off auto-responder not mark emails as “read” when responding? And further, is there a way to have it not respond to automated emails? 


Best answer by molly 13 November 2023, 16:37

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Hi @jcogginsbw,

This is Molly with the Support Engineering team! 🐌

I'll answer your questions in reverse order...

Front uses email headers to determine if an inbound message is an auto-generated message. If so, Front will not send any auto-responses to these types of messages. This way you avoid an infinite loop of auto-replies. 

📚 Time off: Why isn't my auto-responder working?

For the other part of your question, Front does not natively support keeping messages unread when the auto-reply is sent. However, we do have a feature request for that here.

Feel free to click the Vote button on the left-hand side of the feature request to tell our team how important this update would be for your team. You'll then be subscribed to receive email updates if a feature that you submitted or upvoted is developed and shipped!

Most of the improvements you see to Front come from ideas and suggestions like yours, so thank you for making Front even better!