The images in my signature keep breaking. How do I fix that?

  • 11 May 2023
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The images in my signature keep breaking. How do I fix that?


Best answer by Community Support 12 May 2023, 23:43

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Often, when images are breaking in your signature (meaning they are not appearing for recipients), this is because you are hosting them with a link that is not publicly hosted.

While it is recommended that you host your images on your own server, check this out for some references for how to get your image URL from popular services like Dropbox, Imgur, and OneDrive.


You will want to review the settings on your hosting service to ensure that the links to your images are public. You can always check on this by opening the image link in an incognito tab of your browser. If it works, your images are publicly hosted. 


Please note: Images hosted in Google Drive will not work with Front signatures at this time. Google has changed some policies around how they store files, and our image proxy is now failing to retrieve these messages.

If your signature images are uploaded directly, rather than hosted, or if the above solution doesn’t fix your issue, our team is happy to help. It might be a specific configuration in your account or signature that our team can troubleshoot for you. Feel free to contact us if so.