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  • 18 October 2023
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What has been the single BEST tool you have used in Front?

10 replies

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Hey Alysha!

We’ve been using Front for a few months and other than conceptually getting behind the “Inbox Zero” mentality Front was designed around, I’ve found message templates and shared drafts to be the most value-add things in Front for my team (outside the standards in Front like visibility in shared inboxes, tags, and rules). 

I might have to change my answer now that there is a baked-in knowledgebase, but I haven’t played with it enough yet! 

My favorite single function/tool is the “E” keybaord button to quickly archive emails. 


This is a great question! It’s tough to choose but snooze would win for me personally. As someone who wants to solve ALL the things all at once 😅 it helps me to triage/prioritize efficiently and confidently.

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Rules unquestionably stand out for their immense capability to facilitate nearly any workflow. Their setup is remarkably user-friendly. While they currently lack certain advanced features such as time triggers, I'm optimistic that they will be introduced in the future.

(Make sure to leave your suggestions and ideas in the roadmap portal!)

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Three absolutely amazing features it provides out the box..


  1. Contextual Links 
  2. Snooze Function
  3. Scheduled Links for giving people you availability 

Not to mention all the plugins it supports!


My favorite tool has been utilizing tags and rules to work together. Almost all of my rules are tag-related, including auto-tagging, moving emails based on tags and having tag-related SLA’s in place. This has saved my team so much valuable time! 


Our team came to Front from a different shared-inbox tool and we were amazed by how much efficiency we gained even over that similar solution. The power of the Rules is a big part of that - being able to not only route emails to the right team member but also automate CSAT requests, SLA management, connections to third-party software, and automatic responses at certain times. We’ve also had success with setting up rules to interact with each other (for example, our holiday responder automatically overrides our SLA rule). As a manager, it has taken a huge amount of manual thought and processing off of my plate.


Hi, Alysha. 
Our team is quite new to Front but are already saving so much time with tags and rules. Additionally we like the views to sort through emails even better as we get customer requests but also request from our partners with things we need to deal with internally. Even a simple thing like sharing emails through the app with requests for help saves so much time and helps the customers get the best and fastest reply to their questions. I believe there is so much more we have not implemented just yet with API connections and all therefore there is more to come that helps the team to focus on customer success. 


Hi Alysha. 

The feature pair of Archive/Snooze definitely impacted my (and I’m sure my teammates) productivity since it actively pushes/rewards you to close pending tasks/conversations.

Nothing better than coming from a long weekend break and force clearing your inbox by Tuesday, kinda like a mini-game.


Our team’s favorite tools/functions are the tags and send and snooze! These keep us on track of all issues and ensure that we do not miss the emails that need action.