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  • 7 November 2023
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My personal email account is an O365 account, and my main calendar is added to Front. However, I would like to access a secondary calendar as well, that is created in Outlook under “My calendars”. Is there a way to add this to Front?

I have read this article about getting access to a shared calendar, but this is my own personal, secondary calendar, not one that has been shared by someone else. 


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Hi there! 

There are two options for adding your own calendars to Front Calendar:

Option 1: Connect a new individual inbox to Front

After you’ve connected a new Office 365 account to your individual inbox, Front will import your email and calendar data and display your account’s calendars in Front Calendar. All of the individual, teammate, or shared calendars that you have added in your Office 365 account should show in Front.

Option 2: Add new calendars to your account in Outlook

If you want a new calendar to show in Front that was not originally in your Office 365 account, you will add a new calendar in O365. Front will then automatically sync all the calendars from the Office 365 accounts you’ve connected. You can use this guide to share and add new calendars in Office 365.

Please let us know if you run into any issues 😁