Rules to assign emails with same @ domain to different users

  • 25 June 2024
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Our team recently started using Front to help triage incoming emails within a shared inbox. We have a set portfolio of customers, and created rules to automatically assign emails to individuals based on the customer name and the @ domain of the originating email. 

However, there are some customers and business partners that use the same @ domain in their email address so the rules are assigning to the wrong employee or not assigning at all.

Has anyone else run into this issue, or know of any additional rules we could put in place to separate multiple accounts that use the same email address? 

2 replies

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Hi Joe, 

I’d recommend using Custom contact fields.  

Custom contact fields will allow you to store additional information about contacts that can be leveraged to create more precise assignment rules. Which could be very useful for auto-assigning conversations based on specific criteria you mentioned.


Naomi O.


I second the first reply. With custom contact fields you can get more specific so that your rules can pull out exactly what you are looking for. One idea would be to create a custom contact field with a contact ID. Then if each of your contacts has an ID number, you can assign based on that.