Rule to preserve tags or auto-tag on "Move message to new conversation" actions

  • 14 March 2024
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I currently have a rule to move certain messages with the same subject into a new conversation, in the same inbox.

This is a specific type of transactional message that’s received when customer’s complete a form. We don’t have control over the subject line, which is always the same, so they stack up in a single thread otherwise.

The rule is successfully splitting up these messages. However, tagging does not seem to work.

The first message of the day for this type does get tagged per what I have setup in the rule, but subsequent messages do not.

I’m not sure if there’s a specific order of operations that should happen, if a separate rule can catch these “Move message to new conversation” actions, or if this is a limitation of the rule action itself.

Curious to know if anyone else has run into this or if there’s a solution.

5 replies


I may have found an answer to my own question. I think I can create a Shared Inbox to hold these “new” messages, and have the tag rule run on that inbox. Would be interested to know if others have done something like this.

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Hey @harvest -- Phoebe here with Front Support. Right now, there’s not an option to retain tags when moving a message to a new conversation. What you came up with is an awesome workaround and we’ll definitely recommend to other users who are running into this! 

If you’d like to see this implemented natively, I highly recommend submitting a request in our Ideas portal: where our product team can assess it as a potential feature to build for the future.🔧


Hey @PhoebeatFront - appreciate the response.

Making a rule that routed to a separate inbox instead of tagging did (mostly) work, though I still ran into some unexpected results.

The first new email of this type appears to not re-route. For subsequent messages, they do re-route, but I wasn’t able to get tagging rules working on those either.

This is admittedly an edge case scenario, so I can understand the desired outcome may not work right now - just not sure of the why. 

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Hey @harvest ! 

Hmm, interesting. Our team can definitely look into why the first emails are not getting routed, and why emails aren’t tagging-- can you reach out to us at and we’ll help you there? 

Thank you!

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We’ve found that actions listed along with the move rule affect the original conversation, not the new one. I don’t know which conversation lower priority rules affect. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to make sure your rule with the move action comes before your rule(s) with tagging actions. Make a new rule even if the criteria would be the same. I don’t know if that fully works, but that’s what I would test.