Rule based on the account name mentioned in the body

  • 9 May 2023
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Can you make a rule based on if the account name is mentioned in the body? we have Salesforce notifications where the contact isn't included and shouldn't be but it should be assigned to the account owner.


Part of what I'm trying to do is eliminate any rule where the rule is created once per account. Is there any possibility of a catch all rule like:


WHEN inbound message is received

IF subject or message body contains Account name

THEN assign to Account owner


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As you mentioned, the straightforward way to do this would be to create a rule such as:

WHEN inbound message is received
IF message body contains Account name
THEN assign to XYZ. 
However, to avoid repeatable rules, we do have a feature that would help with this, called Rule sets, I'd recommend taking a look at the functionality of it as it would absolutely make your rules much easier to maintain and configure. Note that it may require a plan upgrade though.