• 11 July 2023
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I was wondering if its possible to get a report for how many emails each client sends?

Or how much time is spent in meetings with each client?


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3 replies

Hi Kailyn, thanks for writing in about this!

Are you looking for a report for how many emails an external clients sends in, or are you referring to how many emails a teammate sends out? And for the second question, are you looking to find out how much time a user spends within external events such as Zoom meetings?


Yes how many an external client sends in, and exactly how much time a user spend within zoom meetings for particular clients

Hi Kailyn, for your first question, there isn’t a specific setting in analytics that can capture metrics for inbound messages from a certain sender, but we can provide exports of messages from inboxes where you can sort/filter it to only display messages from a specific contact/email.


Additionally, we don’t have any reports or metrics that can tally up the amount of time a user is in things such as Zoom meetings, but you can definitely submit a feature request for this, as well as a feature request for a report that tallies up messages from specific clients/senders. That's why we've recently set up our Product Ideas Portal where you can submit requests for features you need, and what other Front users are looking for. If you see another feature you'd love, just upvote it there and our team will see the tally.