Removing Formatting?

  • 16 May 2023
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How do I remove formatting in front? Here is a typical scenario.  I do a copy and past and it pastes the formatting.  In Apple mail I would just do “remove formatting”.  Only way I have found in front is to change it to markup, remove any urls, and then go back.  This is cumbersome


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Hi there!

Within Front, we have a personal preference option located under Settings > Personal tab > Preference > Paste as text. This option is a toggle option that when marked (blue) it will make it so that when pasting in Front it will clear out formatting and just paste raw text.

We also have a shortcut that can help in a more case by case approach when pasting:
For Mac it is Command + Shift + Option + V, Command + Shift + V
For Windows CTRL + Shift + V can help with the paste as plain text

If these options still retain the formatting please let us know and we can help get a closer look into the performance with you!