Reminder for teammates to use discussion, not email

  • 25 October 2023
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We have recently started using Front for our Sales team, and we’re trying to only use discussions for internal communication. However, people tend to forget, and still send email internally. I seem to remember that there used to be a little message popping up in the composer when an internal email address was added saying something like “try @mentioning your teammate instead”. Some kind of warning here would be great, is this still available?


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Hi Oyvind, 


Thank you for your question! 😃

The “mention teammates” prompt is only a part of the initial setup guide, I’m afraid. It can’t be toggled on separately after that. 

This sounds like it could be a useful thing to have though, so please don’t hesitate to submit it as an Idea on our portal here:


One option, if your plan includes Custom Rules, would be to create a rule like this:

  • When… outbound message is sent (new or existing)
    • If… To: domain is <your company domain>
    • AND If… From: domain is <your company domain>

This would not stop the user from sending the message, but it would serve as a reminder each time they do so to use Discussions in the future. 


Hope this helps! 😊