Recreating Metrics from Exports

  • 24 August 2023
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I’m looking to recreate some of the the main metrics from the overview page using the exported data (need this for historical reporting) but the numbers aren’t tying. I’m assuming I’m not looking at the events under a proper filter. Has anyone had dealt with this issue?


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Hiya! Cat here from Front support ✌

One suggestion here is to remember that if conversations exist across several inboxes you may see activity rows duplicated.

> Inbox at activity time: List of inboxes where the message lived immediately after the activity was recorded. If the message appeared in multiple inboxes, the activity will appear one time for each inbox value. If the activity represents a move from one inbox to another, the ending inbox is recorded.

If you’re still having any difficulties, can you let us know which metric you are trying to calculate and which export report (i.e. Messages export or Full events export) you are using?

Hi Cat,


Thanks for the response. I’m doing the Full Events Export. 

I’m trying to tie “Response Time” to Avg. Reply Time and Handle Time to Avg. Handle Time for each my team members.


For Avg. Response Time which I think would equal Avg. Reply Time

I pulled full events from 8/23/23. Filtered for only “Front” Source and then for a team member. I totaled the number of seconds and then divided by the count of conversations then by 60 and 60 to get the Avg. Response Time.


I’m only getting slightly different numbers for everyone. See screen shot. Take Carly for example, Front has her at 4 hr 29 Min Avg. Reply Time for 8/23 but when I try to run it I’m getting 3 Hr 48 Min.


I’m guessing one of my numbers must be off but can’t quite figure it out


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Thanks for the additional information!

I can’t quite see from these details how you’re calculating the average reply time in your report, but it’s worth noting that in the Front Analytics view, this is calculated as:

> Sum of all reply times for archived conversation segments with at least one reply, that are currently archived. Previously called Resolution time in legacy Front analytics. Takes business hours into account.

You may be averaging per conversation, not per conversation segment or message. If you’d like us to take a closer look, could you please reach out to our team from the Help Center?