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  • 26 October 2023
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I just had to change my password on my gmail account. When I have done this on other gmail accounts, Front has presented me an option to reconnect. I don’t know if this is because it is my primary account email, or due the issues Front is currently having with gmail, or just a change to the UI, but I cannot find a way to reconnect. 


When I try to add my calendar, it tells me it is already connected but unable to show events. 

Anyone quickly know the way to reconnect with a new password? I also tried logging out and logging back in, restarting my computer, checked for updates, quit front and opened it again. 


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Hi Ben, 


Thank you for your question, and sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused 🙏

You should be able to reauthorise your Gmail channel by going to Settings > Personal > Channels > Click into your email channel > Channel Settings tab > “Reauthorize”


While reauthorising, it’s possible that you may need to use an Incognito Window if the process doesn’t work first time around, as the Gmail pop-out window could have your old password still stored in the cache. 


I hope this helps!

P.S. I saw that you had also reached out to us via email, so I’ve followed up with you directly there too 😊