{{recipient.first_name}} pulling entire name sometimes, not always?

  • 11 June 2024
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{{recipient.first_name}} Pulling Entire Name Issues

  • Spacing them evening
  • Have tried using dashes, parentheses, quotes, etc. 

When a recipient has a longer name that includes details we like to track, the {{recipient.first_name}} variable ends up pulling the entire contact name, not just their first name. Then, if I remove the full name and have it just First + Last name, {{recipient.first_name}} behaves correctly again.

In the example below, the contact details, the first name, and initials show up just fine next to the account details. This glitch only affects about 20 out of our 100+ contacts that we are doing this for, but it makes our automated messages look super robotic.

Any ideas on how we can fix this?

Example is using this template:

“Hi {{recipient.first_name}}, great news! We’ve received your signed contract and are excited to start working with you :)”


With just first + last name:

One first + last name, still using {{recipient.first_name}}


With First + Last Name + Title 

{{recipient.first_name}} pulls entire name, while we use this way to name multiple people and it only happens for a handful of people, but makes auto messaging very bad. 



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Hi there,

Cat here from the Front support team. The first_name and last_name recipient variables should be:

  • recipient.first_name: first part of contact's name, split on the first space

  • recipient.last_name: remaining portion of contact's name following the first space

If that’s not happening for any of your contacts, we’ll need to take a closer look! Could you please reach out to our team and let us know the conversation ID of an example conversation where this happened so that we can find out more?

You can contact our team via