Outlook 365 and Front QUESTIONS!

  • 11 September 2023
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I am a complete noob when it comes to Front.  I had never heard of it until my new client told me about it.  After checking it out, I am quite impressed but still a little confused.  Hopefully, some experienced folks can help me out.  So far, searching help hasn’t answered my questions.

  1.  I use Outlook on a M365 account.  I went ahead and added my personal inbox just so I could work more with Front since I’m not quite yet ready to respond to client issues in Front.  It pulled in ALL of my email not just what was in my InBox!  UGH
  2. So.  I spent an hour and moved my emails in Outlook to Archive and all my saved folders that were stored under the Inbox Folder are now under the Archive folder.  But it seems Front either is still pulling them in, or once it pulls, it never truly syncs so in is in until removed through Front.
  3. I did add a rule to move anything that isn’t in certain “tags” which seems to equate to my Outlook folders.  But it doesn’t appear rules run AFTER email is received so I’ll have to wait until I receive new email to test the rules.
  4. BUT.  My work flow is to read emails every morning in Outlook.  First, delete junk, second, file things I need to save but don’t need to respond to.  Then whatever is left in my InBox after that is what I need to work on.  It is ONLY these things that I’d like to see in Front, but it appears that once Outlook receives an email Front grabs it, so moving it in Outlook to a new folder doesn’t let Front process the rule and move it to archived so I don’t have to deal with it twice.

QUESTION:  Am I doing something wrong? 


I do have to keep using Outlook for email.  I cannot just switch to Front for everything.  I do keep all my emails so I have an extensive file system in Outlook for keeping everything.  But it would be nice to be able to use Front for my one client and then also handle other items for my personal and other clients as well instead of going in and out all day of multiple apps.  


QUESTION:  If I remove the personal Inbox for my Outlook M365 email will it still keep my Calendar information?  I do need to have access to my calendar in Front.  I have multiple calendars I work with for several clients, so if I’m in Front for this client, I don’t want to offer up an appointment time that I’m already booked on my personal calendar.  


QUESTION:  Other than choosing a date and archiving a group of old email, is there any other way to select say an entire folder to archive?  I did use the filter, but I have a LOT of folders and that didn’t seem to be very efficient to choose each one separately.  Choosing a date to ignore doesn’t work because I do have some emails that have been waiting for me to get to them and I can’t have those just moved out.




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Hi Susan! I hope all is well! We’ve received your email about your questions and we’re happy to continue following up on that thread. Thank you!