No possibility to write on existing tickets, only on new ones

  • 13 September 2023
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One of my agents who works with us for a long time already,

can suddenly not type (neither answer to a ticket nor write in the comment section) in existing tickets anymore. The same problem exists for all inboxes that we use.

The only exception is that when creating a new ticket from scratch, she can write as usual.

The issue is not her keyboard, because also writing outside of Front works perfectly.

Restarting, logging off etc. didn’t help. Do you have any idea how to troubleshoot this?


Best answer by haley 14 September 2023, 06:25

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1 reply

Hi Sanne,

Thank you for reaching out around the team’s ability to compose messages!

Earlier today our engineering team identified an issue with the composer that impacted the ability to type. Our team was able to identify the cause and have rolled out an update that should help restore the ability to use the composer. 

To help solidify the update, we recommend performing a cache clear and refresh of Front:

  • If using a web browser: 
    • Clear Front's offline cache in your personal preferences, then refresh the page.
    • Try logging into Front using an incognito/private window. If it works in incognito, you may need to clear your browser cache.
  • If using the downloadable Front app:


Please let us know if after the refresh if you and the team continue to have any trouble with drafting messages!