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  • 13 February 2024
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Hello everyone !  
We are setting up front at my company to keep contact with customers, i can’t wait to explore Front’s features, if anyone has tips on how to get started it would be nice !


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Welcome to Front, @hugogrim! Here’s a helpful thread that might give you some inspiration:

You can also browse the other sections of the forum to check out what topics people have been sharing about (click the Discussions tab at the top and look under the Front users section) or search specific keywords you’re interested in -- there are lots of great suggestions! Our team also hosts weekly live office hours, so you can join us there as well 😊

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I’ve been doing a Front Administration Certification Course on the Front Academy - the academy has many learning paths and individual courses that you and your team can explore which will really help with your knowledge and getting started!

I’d recommend the ‘setting up front for my company’ followed by the administration certification course if you are rolling this out to everyone in your team, and I would recommend ‘front for my daily work’ learning path for everyone else in your team who will be using the platform as a general ‘user’ - this will give them the basics to understand how Front works and what they can get out of it!




Does the “Learning Path: Front for my daily work” grant a certification as well? 




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Hi @chris95_c, the learning path “Front for my daily work” is not a certification, though some of the courses do count towards our certification automatically. In other words, if you complete courses in the daily work learning path, they’ll reflect as completed when you click over to the certification program, which includes both admin setup and end-user knowledge.