Merge Discussions?

  • 11 September 2023
  • 1 reply

Hi - does anyone know how to merge discussions? Thanks!

1 reply

Hi Lori, hope you are doing well!

At the moment conversation like emails can be merged, or tweet conversations can be merged. We unfortunately don’t have merging for discussions.

For more details around merging we have this help center article here with more information: Merging conversations

While we don’t currently have merging for discussions, we’d love to hear this as an idea in our Product Idea portal. It is a place where you can submit requests for features you and the team would like to see. If you see another feature in the portal you’d like to see too, you can add an upvote.

Our Product team reviews these ideas every week. You'll receive an email update if a feature you submit or upvote is developed and shipped!