• 15 February 2024
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I am looking for some advice on how to send a mass/bulk email to customers we have quoted work for in an one email but I want them to have their individual thread. I would normally BCC all of the customers in one email, but Front puts them all in one thread and the responses get crazy.  Any suggestions?


2 replies

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Hi Steph! Great question!

Have you looked into using the Sequences feature that Front offers? Access to this feature will depend on your plan, but it’s a great option when bulk emailing recipients. 😊

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“Using A Dedicated Bulk-mailing Tool Like HubspotMailchimp or Marketo

and handling the responses to your mail in Front,” would provide you with the ability to send bulk email using enhanced features like:

  • Automation features that help schedule and stagger major email blasts.
  • Detailed analytics providing insight into open rates, engagement, and unsubscribe rates.
  • Flexible list management options to manually add or import contacts.
  • Customizable email templates and drag-and-drop editor features to design emails.
  • Trusted delivery and compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations.