Linked Conversations- Archiving Sub-Conversations

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Is there a setting that will enable auto-archiving for sub-conversations whenever an original conversation is selected? My goal is to rapidly declutter my conversation list when addressing incoming requests. Please advise.


Sarai Roach

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Hello Sarai


Thank you so much for sending in your question! 🙂


When you say ‘sub-conversations’, do you mean previous messages in a conversation? If so, then it’s not possible as Front will archive the whole conversation. What you can do to help de-clutter your inbox is use mass actions to archive your messages by following the steps here;


⭕Select multiple conversations for mass action:


You can also set up private rules for your inbox to automatically archive certain conversations based on specified crtieria that you choose 🙂


To get started with that, please follow the link below;

⭕Common routing and triaging rules:


Front Customer Support



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Hello, Annika,


😄Thanks for the reply!


The ‘sub-conversations’ I am referring to are the conversations linked under the designated original conversation.


Here’s what I mean by ‘linked conversation’:




Sarai Roach


Hello Sarai,


Thanks so much for your reply and adding clarity! It’s greatly appreciated! 😊


The conversation’s that are linked are still treated as seperate conversations,so even though the main conversation is archived, the ‘sub conversation’ will not be.


You can submit a feature request for this as it would be a good idea! 


You can submit a request by following our link here: 


Thank you 🙂