limit CSAT requests to regular customers

  • 17 August 2023
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We have a number (circa 500) of customers who regularly (daily/weekly) interact with our various sales and support teams. 

We are looking to implement CSAT.

I would like to limit the number of CSAT requests each of these customers receive, for example no more than 1 per month.

I thought a good way to do this was by adding the customer to a list when a CSAT request was made and then using membership of that list to filter any further requests, however I cant see a way to automatically remove the customer from the list a month later.

Has anyone got any ideas?





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Hi @benj,

We currently don’t have the ability to limit the amount of CSATs being sent to a contact if they have already received a CSAT in a specific time period.  

Would you mind adding this to our Ideas Portal at: ? You’ll see the “➕Add a new idea” button in the lower left. 

I do want to note that this workflow may be possible by using a combination of rules, custom code, and our API (editing contact lists), but I’d recommend working with your development/eng team, if available.