How are analytics attributed when a message is delegated?

  • 28 April 2023
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Question here!



Just to confirm analytics when using delegation(s).


Example: If I(Jaime) delegate my mailbox to you(Sadie & or Patrick), when we run reports metrics will only reflect Jaime mailbox correct? It will not add additional sent items for Sadie/Patrick if I run a report on Sadie/Patrick sent items.


Update: Now that I read it several times, it sounds like the metrics get recorded to whomever is covering the mailbox delegated.


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Correct - the metrics will be attributed to the user taking the action to send the messages in the delegated inbox! If you delegate your inbox to me, and I send a message with my own channel (i.e., from your inbox, the metrics would be recorded in my individual analytics. If the message is sent with a shared channel, the action would be recorded in team analytics. 


Another way of thinking about it is that if you delegate your inbox to me, I cannot send messages with your channel (i.e.,, so I have to send the messages with another channel. 


Please let me know if this helps and if you have any further questions!