Have a way to retrieve where a message have been moved (shared mailbox)

As an admin, it will be very usefull to have a way to investigate where a message is. Sometimes agent applies macro that will move messages to another box with restricted access and users can’t understand. As an admin, I wish to be able to past the message ID to retrieve where it is and give to informations to my team



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Hi there!

Cat here from the Front support team. Thanks for reaching out.

I’m afraid we don’t currently have a way to handle this - once a conversation has been moved outside of a teammates’ access, they will no longer be able to locate it within Front.

Using an @mention on the conversation would give the teammate access to the conversation again, even if they do not have access to the inbox overall.

If this is functionality that you would like to see implemented in the future, I would encourage you to submit a request for it at this link. Our Product team reviews and publishes ideas weekly to be viewed on this list, so keep an eye out for your request and other customer's reactions to it!


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You could accomplish this through the Get message API endpoint, but that would be a little more work on your end and I agree with Cat that if you want to do this readily it’ll have to be a feature request.