Group Management as a Non-Company Admin / Granular "Company" Admin Levels

  • 25 October 2023
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Challenge:  We need to be able to move people in and out of groups, to support dynamic work assignments, that can change daily / by shift.

Question:  Is there a way to provide a more granular level of ‘Company Administrator’ access?

Related Question:  Could this be solved via the use of Custom Fields?


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Hi again John 😊


Currently, Teammate Groups can only be created or edited by Company Admins. The only other admin “level” of permissions is Workspace Admin, but this is more for adjusting resources within the Workspace. 

Since teammates and groups can belong to multiple Workspaces, their settings sit at the Company level.


Your mention of Custom Fields to adjust your users’ dynamic work assignments is interesting though 🤔 In theory, yes, you could use Custom Teammate Fields to base your rules off of. 

That said, I worry that this may end up adding work, since the custom fields would need to be updated per teammate each time. 


There’s an existing idea in our Public Ideas Portal, but it seems you may have already found it? 😁