Forwarding rule after time period

  • 8 May 2023
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I've got a specific "rule" question. 


I'm looking to create a rule where we can forward a specific email (identified by a tag) to a recipient 3 business days after it has been archived. 


In looking at the rules, I think what I may be missing is the ability to set it so that the action (forwarding) occurs 3 days after an event (archiving). Is there a way to set this up? If not, do you have any creative ways in which we may be able to achieve this?




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1 reply

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Thanks for getting in touch about this! This is Jessye from Front's Support Team. 👋 I'm happy to help out!
You should be able to create a rule with the trigger "conversation is archived", and then a condition "time passed since trigger is X time", as shown below: