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  • 28 June 2023
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How can I flag or pull a specific email out of a long thread? I need to remember that I have tasks in this specific email, but as other people reply, it just gets lost in the thread. Even if I moved that specific email to a new conversation, the subsequent replies would get pulled out too, correct?

I would like to be able to star or have a specific email stand alone so that when it snoozes or just lives in my inbox as an important task, I can focus on that one piece and not have to wade through the whole thread.

Side note - can you delete certain replies without deleting the whole thread? I’d like to get rid of emails that say “thanks” but it appears that the whole chain deletes when I do this. 


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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


I’d suggest using the “Forward as a new conversation” option to forward that specific message to just yourself. You can then use the snooze function that standalone conversation for yourself to view at a later time without having to worry about subsequent messages/replies being received in thread, causing that specific message to get lost in the fold.


Additionally, deleting certain replies in a conversation thread isn’t a feature that Front offers, but please feel free to submit that as a feature request in our Product Ideas Portal here: One of the neatest features that our Ideas Portal has is that, if an idea is developed by our Product team, it sends a notification email to users who submit or upvote that idea.