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  • 25 October 2023
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Challenge:  We have imported a list of TMS customers.  Unfortunately, some of those customers did not have domains.  Having a domain associated with a customer is obviously vital to utilize Tagging & Rules in Front.  We want to be able to easily Sort & Export contacts, based on the data in a given field (domain) in Front.  This functionality would be extremely helpful as we work towards Front being a ‘Single Source of Truth’ and fully useable for our use case.

Question:  How do we Sort and Export contacts easily (non-API) from Front?  Note:  This is a feature found in other CMS products we’ve evaluated.  Export options should include CSV & Excel


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2 replies

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CLARIFICATION:  We would like the same Export capability for Accounts as exists for Shared Contacts.

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Hi John 😊


For the Sorting and Filtering part of your request, there is an Idea in our Portal that you can add your vote on here: 


For the exporting section, there is also an Idea for that here: 


Currently, there isn’t a way to export accounts from within the app, but our Support team can run an export for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to request as export 🙏