Emails sent in outlook showing up in Front Inbox

  • 27 December 2023
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We’ve recently moved our shared outlook inboxes to Front, but we still have some emails that need to be sent directly via outlook. 

This is caused one large issue: Every time an email is sent via outlook, that email shows up as a new ticket in our shared Front email box.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this - somehow either not sync emails sent via outlook or automatically move those emails to the Front Archive folder?



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Hi @DaveL possibly the best way to approach this might be to understand your use case of needing to still use Outlook even though your team is now on Front. If Front is able to solve the root issue, you wouldn’t even need to use Outlook and we can avoid any workarounds for these emails altogether.

Otherwise, one way I can think of to solve for this is to create a rule for the inbox that archives these emails. For instance, if there’s some consistent factor about these emails such as their subject line or a sentence in the body, you can have the rule say “when outbound message is sent, if subject contains XYZ and does not contain tag Outlook, then archive and add tag Outlook.” The tagging portion of the rule ensures that it only ever archives the very first message you send out and doesn’t archive any subsequent replies you get from customers on the conversation. Of course, if you definitively will not get any replies to these emails, then you can skip the tagging. And for additional context, what’s happening here is that your emails sent from Outlook sync to Front, so a Front rule will still work on them.

But again, I’d still be most curious about your situation for needing to return to Outlook, so that we can make some recommendations on how Front can fulfill those needs if possible!