Emails reply all AFTER a hashtag rule applied

  • 18 August 2023
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Good Morning!  Question - wondering if this was supposed to happen.  

A coworker sent an email to the company about an event. 
A different coworker added a comment with a #MAINOFFICE which would draw attention to the email 
Someone from the original email replied to JUST the original sender HOWEVER the email went to the entire #MAINOFFICE group as well even though it was from one person and to another person. 

Is that supposed to happen?  The second email did NOT go to the entire company but just that small group in a different office.  


Best answer by michael 18 August 2023, 20:01

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Hi Marthe, 

Michael here from the Front Support team. I’d be happy to help here. As I’ll need to review the logs for the conversation in question, I’m going to reach out to your via email for additional detail including the conversation ID for this example (please don’t share that here). Some of the behavior here will depend on the channel type and the settings on your Front account. Look out for an email from me shortly!