Delayed Inbound Emails

  • 26 October 2023
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Inbound emails are showing as delayed from minutes to hours. Customer support via email has been unresponsive. 



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Hey @AdamBa, we unfortunately had an incident today that impacted the deliverability emails for some customers, and are so sorry that it affected you. We did get reports about it from many customers, and you can expect the following steps to occur during incidents so that you know what’s happening:

  • In-app status: There will be a status shown in-app to tell you there’s an incident. It looks like a bright orange triangle on the top right of Front that you can click for more details. When there’s no status, there’s no icon. Today, the status icon appeared when the incident occurred. 
  • Status page: We post on our status page (a separate website) as well, which we did today. You can subscribe to the status page to get emails whenever we have posts here.
  • Incident resolution: We’ll post when the incident is resolved, which today was in less than an hour. 
  • Support response: If you did write in to support about it, you’ll hear back in the order your inquiry was received. The incident itself was communicated with priority directly in-app and on our status page.

So, in short, keeping an eye out for the status icon or our status page will be the quickest way to learn about incidents happening! It’ll likely be quicker than hearing back from support since the updates come directly from the team that’s working on the issue.