Customizing a report beyond just filtering (moving cards, duplicating cards, etc.)

  • 31 July 2023
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Hi there! I’m wanting to build a more customized reporting view in Front. For instance, on the ‘overview’ report, I’d like to duplicate the ‘changes over time’ tile and have it repeat several times with different metrics shown, so someone can just open the report and immediately see a bunch of metrics without needing to click around. I’d also like to adjust a bunch of the other tiles and the order they appear on the report. From clicking around, it seems like I can only adjust the filters (time period, users) and not any of the analytics/tiles themselves. Is there any way to do that?


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Hi Marina,

I’m afraid the Front Analytics reports are not fully editable - you can add/remove metrics from some of the reports, but you won’t be able to move tiles around or duplicate tiles.

This is a really great idea, though! I’d recommend sharing it in our Product Ideas Portal so that our product team can review it as something we may want to add in the future.

You’ll also find more information about what’s possible in the current iteration of Front Analytics in the following guides: