• 7 March 2024
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If anyone has advice, I would greatly appreciate it! For our CSAT survey, we have a rule to send a survey when we have an inbound chat or email. The challenge right now is the survey is being sent to all of our spam emails when we tag it (we tag as auto emails do not count for analytics for our reporting) and archive it. Is there any way to include an “exclude” statement for the rule to leave out all of the DMARC auto generated emails? Thank you!


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Hi tchristler,


Dean from Front’s support team here 👋

Dynamic Variables can be used to identify content from email headers. This can then be used in your rules to determine information like whether an email is auto generated or not, and if it passed a dmarc check. 

More info can be found below. 

Here’s a dynamic variable I created to test to see if the email headers contains dmarc=pass

You can then use this in a condition to ensure that emails are passing this dmarc check before sending the CSAT survey. 


Dynamic Variable

Rule setup

You can use these dynamic variables to identify any header values for an email. It doesn’t have to be the specific workflow I mentioned above. If the dmarc=fail or another value, the rule would not trigger. 


If you have any questions, or would like some clarification on the above please do let us know.