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  • 25 October 2023
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Can users in the FrontApp Community Share Reports with others?
I've used Spiceworks in the past (a long time ago) and found that function to share reports in the community was great as there was nearly always someone who had created the unique report we were looking for.


4 replies

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Hey @Eugene, by “share report,” do you mean to share a screenshot of the filters that people are using in their reports, along with an explanation of what they use the report for? Sort of like sharing a “template” for a report to achieve a specific goal? If so, that’s a great idea and I definitely welcome others to add to this thread with any report filters they’ve built that are essential to them. 

If I’m misunderstanding what you mean, let me know!

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Hi @helena ,
Yep. Sharing a report template to acheive a specific goal.

Thanks for the response.


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Hi Eugene!

Thanks for clarifying. While there’s no option to create or share report templates at the moment, it sounds like it would be a great feature request! I encourage you to add one here, and other teams can upvote it. 😀

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Agreed, this would be cool if community members could share reports they had created with one another